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Dear valued customers,

McDaniel’s Piggly Wiggly is committed to keeping the store clean, disinfected and as stocked as possible. We have adjusted our store closing hours in order to give our team more time to clean and restock shelves. McDaniel’s Piggly Wiggly’s top priorities are our customers and employees, and this is just one of the many measures we are taking to care for them. McDaniel’s Piggly Wiggly will be open to serve you Monday through Thursday, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m, Friday and Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m, and Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 
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At McDaniel’s Piggly Wiggly, we pass one hundred percent of the deal to you on all of the promotional inventory we receive from manufacturers. There are no gimmicks, no tricks and no high prices. It’s just a sure way to save you money everyday on everything your family needs.

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BIG BUYS: Shop these Big Buys from now until August 17. 


Items Pictured:

Ribeye Steaks Value Pack Per Lb. $8.98

Springer Mountain Whole Chicken Fryers Per lb. $1.79

Fresh Juicy Clementines 3-lb. $3.98

Sweet Peaches, Plums or Nectarines Per lb. $1.98

Betty Crocker Gushers or Fruit Roll-Ups 4-8-oz. 2/$5.00

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8-ct. 2/$5.00

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice 52-oz. 2/$6.00

Assorted Piggly Wiggly Waffles 10-ct. 2/$4.00


Items Not Pictured:

Frito Lay Variety Pack 42-ct. $17.98

Assorted Little Debbie Muffins 12-ct. 2/$4.00

Body Armor Drinks 16-oz. 4/$5.00

21/30-ct. Nature’s Best Raw Shrimp pkg. $19.99

Value Pack Split Chicken Breast 8-lb. Bag $10.00

Value Pack Ground Beef 4-lb. Pkg. $10.00

Boneless Country Style Ribs or Pork Chops 4-lb. Pkg. $10.00

Fresh Large Tomatoes Per lb. $1.98

Fresh Green Cabbage Per lb. 69 cents

Fresh Green Peanuts Per lb. $1.49

Select Varieties Ocean Spray Juice 64-oz. Btl. 2/$5.00

Selected Hormel Chili 15-oz. Can 2/$4.00

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce 18-oz. Btl. 3/$5.00

Assorted Ken’s Salad Dressing 16-oz. Btl. 2/$5.00

Pearl Milling COmpany Pancake Mix or Syrup 24-32-oz. 2/$6.00

Assorted Nature’s Valley Granola Bar 6-8-oz. 2/$5.00

Assorted Varieties Ragu Pasta Sauce 24-oz. Jar 2/$4.00

Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper 4.8-7.7-oz. 4/$5.00

Assorted Bugles or Chex Mix 7-8.75-oz. Bag 2/$4.00

Kraft Ultimate Ranch 16-oz. Btl. 3/$5.00

Margaret Holmes or Glory Vegetables 15-oz. 4/$5.00

Products of Coca Cola 6-pack 3/$10.00

Products of Coca Cola 2-liter btl. 3/$4.00

Piggly Wiggly Spring Water 24-pack $3.48

Ready To Bake Pillsbury Cookies 16-oz. 2/$6.00

Daisy Sour Cream 8-oz. Cup 4/$5.00

Pictsweet Air Fryer or Skillet Vegetables Select Varieties 2/$7.00

Assorted Totino’s Pizza Rolls 24-oz. $4.48

Sunny Delight Citrus Punch 64-oz. 4/$5.00

Joy Cheesecake 2-oz. 3/$1.00

Turkey, Ham or Pepperoni Hormel Party Trays 14-oz. $6.98

Benson’s Creme Cakes each $4.99

Clover Hill Honeybun or Danishes each 79 cents

Whole Rotisserie Chicken each $6.99